Rope Rumble - Rope Swinging Multiplayer Action

Become the Hero of the skies! Shoot, slash and swing your way to the goal, don't let your opponents get to you!
Collect icons to upgrade your skills and unlock new Heroes with special skills. Intense multiplayer game with many levels, collectables and never-ending gameplay variation!
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UXvibe multiplayer engine

Multiplayer platform specialized for casual app games.

Our backend platform allows you to create game mechanics in:

  • Real-time
  • Turn-based
  • Recorded game play
  • Integrations for Corona, Unity3D, Java and Cocos2d-X.

UXvibe China publishing service

226 million monthly average users (MAU) makes China the worlds largest market for mobile games!

China is also of the worlds most fragmented market.

With over 10 years of experience from China market. We can help you to find the most suitable solution to enter China.

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Who we are?

UXvibe co-development studio

Have you ever wanted to make your game multiplayer and free to play (F2P) but don’t have the resources to do it? UXvibe specializes in developing F2P multiplayer games from your existing IP.

We have standard components for F2P and multiplayer functionality that can be plugged into your game.

At the core is UXvibe’s modular backend solution which allows us to create innovative game mechanics and monetization designs tailored for your game.

UXvibe multiplayer engine

UXvibe has its own multiplayer and F2P backend for creating casual F2P multiplayer app games using Real-time, turn-based or recorded gameplay.

Using our own backend platform allows us to create innovate game mechanics.

Integrations for Corona, Unity3D, Java and Cocos2d-X

UXvibe China publishing service

UXvibe have been active on China market for over 10 years. With a big network of publishers and distribution channels we can help you to find the most suitable solution for you to enter the China market.

For casual game or small mid-core games we recommend you to publish with us. We can take care of the localization work, including expansion of your F2P concept to fit the China market. Your source code stays in Sweden and your IP will be well protected. UXvibe reaches all big distribution channels in China.

For larger hard-core games, we can help you to find a publisher in China specialized in your type of games and negotiate a good deal for you. We have very good knowledge about who is who on the market and what kind of game they are interested in.

We have extensive experience in business development and can help you to build your company and raise capital.


Creating a fun multiplayer game and generating revenue from it requires a lot of different functionality. UXvibe's multiplayer engine has out the box support for the most common building blocks. It also can be extended with new services to make your game unique.

Today we support games written using Unity3D, native Android (Java), Corona and Cocos2d-X. Do you use another game engine? If your game is great we will add support for it!

Server infrastructure and client APIs

The multiplayer functionality is supported through real-time messaging between the devices participating in a match. No server-side code is necessary, all your game logic can be kept on the device. Our scalable server infrastructure will handle the messaging.

Player accounts and cloud storage

Players can use their UXvibe account to login to the game, use the same avatar and settings in all games!

Game progress can also be stored in the user's account. You can let players continue, where they left off, but on another device

Intelligent Player Matching

Our platform provides advanced matching of players to ensure lowest end-to-end latency and that players have similar skill-level. The matching is customizable per game.

Get your game Discovered

All games, which are integrated with UXvibe platform, can be promoted and presented at the UXvibe network.

We will arrange cross-game competitions and encourage players to try new games! Players can see what games their friends are playing.

Through the UXvibe app we will push for new games and activities.

Monetize on Multiplayer

UXvibe provides a Freemium model for you to monetize on your multiplayer games! We integrate support for the pay-per-play monetization model in our APIs.

Players that sign-up in our network can buy virtual coins and use them to bet against other players in all other games in our network.

UXvibe charges a fee from each bet and we share the fee with you - the game developer.

About Us

There are many thousands of small studios in the world with lots of talented game developers, who just love to make great games. Many of those games are innovative and are appreciated by millions of players.

Social functions (like multiplayer) can enhance retention, because players find more fun to play against a live opponent. Also, F2P can attract even bigger audience. So why don't we see more F2P and multiplayer games out there?

One of the reasons is that making a F2P and multiplayer game requires a lot of effort and know-how. Most studios lack resources to handle both game development, F2P system development, and running their own servers. In UXvibe, we want to use our expertise to support those gifted small studios and to make their games even more fun and reach broader audience.

Our goal is, to let you (as game developer) make great gameplay. Let us worry about building and managing the rest.

Companies we work with